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How to play: Each player chooses a token to play with it and put it on the start square of the character close to them. Place each weapon in a different room, it doesn’t matter which one. The cards are divided into three different groups: weapons, criminals, rooms. Shuffle each group individually and take one card from each without showing anyone, then place them into the mystery envelope in the center of the board. Shuffle the rest of the cards together and deal them to the players. Playing proceeds clockwise, roll the dice and move the number of spaces in any direction except diagonally. As soon as your token enters a room you can make a suggestion by moving any token, or no token if it is yourself and a weapon. A player who has a card included in your suggestion must prove your suggestion false by secretly showing you one of the suggested cards from there hand. Once one player has done this no other player needs to say or show anything about the suggestion. The first player to correctly determine the answer of the questions is the winner.


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